The $CMP will be used to pay commissions on the platform, when paying with a CoinSender platform token the commission discount will be up to 50%.

Staking and farming token will be available on the CoinSender platform, with the user receiving a NFT that allows them to use the platform without commission. In sections of the CoinSender platform where users pay with native network tokens - all profits from commissions will automatically be converted to $CMP. CoinSender platform token.

Total supply: 1 000 000 000,00 $CMP [100%]

Community - 300 000 000,00 $CMP [30%] these funds will be used to support and reward the community.

Treasury - 150 000 000,00 $CMP [15%] will be used to build up reserve funds and manage the overall financial resources of the project.

Ecosystem Partners - 40 000 000,00 $CMP [4%] as part of our development strategy, we emphasise partnerships with other companies and organisations.

Marketing - 25 000 000,00 $CMP [2,5%] these funds will be used to promote and publicise the project.

Liquidity - 35 000 000,00 $CMP [3.5%] will be used to pair our token with other cryptocurrencies.

Team - 150 000 000,00 $CMP [15%] we place great emphasis on developing and supporting our staff.

Advisors - 50 000 000,00 $CMP[5%] will go towards recruiting leading experts to our team of consultants.

Pre-Sale and Public Sale - 250 000 000 $CMP [25%] reserved for our tokens private sale, presale and VC funding.

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