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Here you will find information about our Ambassador Program, how to become an Ambassador, and what you need to do to become an Ambassador.

Who do we need? A person who has studied our project well, has an understanding of what and who it is for, has a good understanding of the web3 industry.
 What is required of you? To spread information about CoinSender all over the web3 space, write tracks, articles, post information about the project on forums and such. Any action you do that will benefit the project we will consider as a plus for you.

What do you get in return? 

  • NTF from CoinSender project

  • Allocation of $CMP tokens

  • Opportunity to get to know the project team better to expand your infofield

  • The higher the role - the bigger the reward

How can I become an ambassador? 

  • Get started by reading this quick guide below

  • Fill out the application form 

  • Be active on our social networks, show your knowledge of the project and your desire, and we will definitely offer you the role of an ambassador if we see your eagerness

Programme Structure & Awards



New member of the CoinSender.

β€” Subscribe to our social networks;

β€” Participate in discussions about the project in discord/telegram, create posts about the project in social networks;


An active participant with some experience, who has learnt the basics.

β€” Actively interact with CoinSender's official Twitter content (like, retweet and share) ;

β€” Create useful content (guides, explanations);

β€” Participate systematically in conversations on Discord and Telegram;

β€” Have level 5 or higher in Discord;


A participant with a high level of expertise and special privileges.

β€” Create useful content to attract new members and ambassadors (e.g. Twitter tracks, articles, guides, videos, memes, etc.);

β€” Translate articles/announcements into the language of their country, tweet regionally;

β€” Engage with the community every day (e.g. share content, train new members, etc.);

β€” Have level 7 or higher in Discord;


Possesses outstanding knowledge and experience, as well as the ability to pass on his knowledge and instruction to other participants.

Only the most outstanding masters can achieve the status of sensei.

Become a true leader in the CoinSender ecosystem;

β€” Take the initiative to lead and guide existing ambassadors;

β€” Work closely with the CoinSender team to launch successful quests, activities, campaigns;

β€”Moderate community channels, help other members and ambassadors;

β€” Have level 12 or higher in Discord;

The CoinSender Ambassador Program consists of 4 ranks: Beginner → Activist → Master→ Sensei.

You can move up in rank by reaching a higher level in Discord and meeting other requirements, such as actively engaging with social media and making meaningful contributions. Rank advancement opens up more benefits and potential rewards.

The full requirements are shown in the table above πŸ‘†

The role of " beginner" gets every ambassador who filled out the form and we selected him, to get the role of "activist" you need to have the role of "beginner" for at least one month and earn 200 points, also have a level 5 in Discord. 

To get the role of "master" need to have the role of "activist", at least a month and level 10 in discord. And have 450 points (points are summarized for all months).

 To retain the role of "master" you need to gain 250+ points every month, in cases if this does not happen - the role of "master" is changed to the role of "activist".

The role of "activist" can also change to the role of " beginner", if the ambassador is not active and gains less than 100 points per month.

To get the role of " sensei" you need to have the role of "master" for at least a month and have a level 12 or higher in discord. And have 550 points. To maintain this role beyond the basic requirements, you must regularly help manage official CoinSender channels.

Tasks, descriptions and points:

The assignments you complete must be original. Assignments must demonstrate your eagerness, intelligence and originality to be considered suitable for promotion.


Interaction with the community

Communicate in our chat rooms, help with questions about the project, keep order in the chat room and answer all questions.

Maximum 50 points

Interaction with content on social networks

Interact with CoinSender's social media accounts by liking, reposting, commenting and just being actives

Maximum 50 points

Creating textual content

Write useful articles about the project in English/language you are a native speaker of, this also includes Twitter threads, promotion in your communities, writing tutorials, etc.

Maximum 75 points

Creative content creation

Create memes/creatives/fan avatars/infographics and more, then post them to your social networks and tag CoinSender.

Maximum 75 points

Creating videos

Create helpful videos about CoinSender, introducing the project in videos/guides, etc.

Maximum 100 points

Moderation of regional channels

Launching a regional channel/twitter, contact @odysse_y to set up.

Maximum 150 points


Help participants in your region, hold Q&As, post announcements in the regional chat before translating them into your language.

Maximum 100 points

Note: All content must be created by you. Plagiarizing or copying content will result in automatic demotion or removal from the ambassador program.

If your application is approved, we will contact you and add you to our personal ambassadors channel in Discord. We wish you the best of luck!πŸ€

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