Bulk send transactions in cryptocurrency

This functionality will allow you to quickly send many transactions at the same time.

To add a recipient list, you can upload a .csv or .xlsx file, or manually add the sender to the table.

The application supports multiple networks, which you can view in its entirety here.

After selecting a network, you need to choose a token. You can select one from the list or use the custom token function to enter the address of the required token manually.

It is possible to select recipients by ticking the checkboxes. When the checkbox is activated, the buttons "Make a transfer" and "Delete" appear in the upper panel.

Once all the data is correctly entered, the "Make Transfer" button will become active, and by clicking it, you can complete the transaction.

Note: The company takes a 0.1% fee per transaction from the payer.

If there are insufficient funds in the wallet balance or any other issues, the application will reject all transactions and display the reason for the rejection.

If all conditions are met, the application will display a corresponding notification after the successful completion of the transaction. It will also indicate the date and time when the transaction was sent next to each recipient.

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