Bulk send transactions in cryptocurrency

This feature is designed to send salaries and other transactions by uploading or adding recipients to a list. Processing cryptocurrency salaries and bonuses has never been easier.

How does it work?

You can add recipients by clicking on the "Import from recipients" button, all recipients that are in the Recipients section will be uploaded, or you can upload a .csv or .xlsx file.

After you have uploaded the recipients, you will see a list of recipients with the following information.

It is possible to select recipients by ticking the checkboxes. When the checkbox is activated, the buttons "Make a transfer" and "Delete" appear in the upper panel.

You have the opportunity to see the details of the transaction.

Recipients creation

From the management panel of the CoinSender click on the "Add Recipient" button.

To add new recipients manually you need to click on the button "Add Recipients" You must fill in the data.

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