Digital currency invoice

The invoicing function is designed for anyone who wants to receive payment in digital currency (cryptocurrency) with appropriate invoices, offering the payer a convenient way to pay.

What does it look like?

An invoice generated with CoinSender for invoicing is very similar to the invoice you are used to. It is compatible with accounting regulations and integrates easily into your existing flows. To show you exactly how it works, we've created a memo for each section of the invoice below.

1. Account number

Invoice number that is generated randomly.

2. Choice of payment date

You can choose a payment date to suit your needs, which gives you a range of options, including a custom date. If this option is not changed, the default payment date on the invoice is set to 30 days.

3. Issuer information

Information about the sender of the invoice.

4. Recipient details

The recipient detail field indicates to which email address the invoice will be sent. Your customer address book will automatically save new customers, so you can select them the next time you invoice them.

5. Choosing a payment method

When you create an invoice, you specify how you want to be paid. The payment method selection field allows you to specify which digital currency you want to receive and the wallet address to which you want to receive the payment.

6. Description

The product description field allows you to specify in detail which products/services you are creating an invoice for.

7. Quantity, type, price, tax and discount

Quantity, type (piece, hour, day, week, month, words) price and rates of tax and discount (in percentages) can be specified for each item and are calculated automatically.

8. Total and Amount.

The subtotal and amount due field shows the total amount to be paid on your invoice, including all items and their related quantities, prices, tax and discount rates.

9. Add a new item.

The "Add Item" button allows you to add an additional item to your invoice.

Creating a customer

On the CoinSender control panel, click on the "Add customer" button.

A window will pop up with a form for filling in a new customer:

  • name;

  • email;

  • contact phone;

  • additional information.


You can now bill and pay cryptocurrency salaries for free with CoinSender.

We'd welcome any feedback on features you're missing to make your experience with the product better.

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