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Welcome to the CoinSender support page!
CoinSender has two applications for different purposes. The decentralized version without registration is designed to quickly send bulk transactions. The centralized version has a database where you can store lists of recipients and clients with advanced functionality.
This support page contains guides, in-depth product information and frequently answered questions (FAQ) about CoinSender.
This space contains everything you need to know about accepting digital currencies as a freelancer or business utilizing CoinSender. Among the resources available are a beginner's guide detailing how to use the product, comprehensive information about its features and capabilities, links to popular articles on our blog, and a selection of frequently asked questions.

How to navigate this documentation

We've structured the documentation page into four groups:
  • Essential information about the product
  • Popular articles about product features
  • Additional resources you might find interesting
  • Ways to get in contact with us
To get started, we advise you to go through the following pages chronologically:
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